About Us

“When we travel is when we feel truly alive.”

For us, world travel is a way to experience new, fun and interesting things, to learn about different cultures, histories, politics, to connect with people, to gain insight and perspective about ourselves and our own culture, and to embrace the possibilities in each day. While we encourage people of all ages to travel, our primary focus is helping and inspiring those who no longer party the way they used to in college, but who aren’t quite ready to go into assisted living either – that wide, broad expanse of time and space in between that we call “midlife.”

We tend to favor low-to-the-ground approaches – more hole-in-the-wall, family owned eating and snacks than Michelin stars; lots of walking whenever we can, plus public busses, trains, ferries and discount airlines. We prefer lodging with character in good locations, hardly ever four-star and definitely not camping. Mind-stretching guided walks and taste-expanding food tours more often than zip-lining or afternoons on a yacht. We aspire to be temporary locals in the places we visit, even if only for a few days, rather than tourists. We are budget-conscious but say yes to the occasional splurge, understanding that the most rewarding part of travel is stepping out of our comfort zone so that we open ourselves to new people and experiences.


Writer/Midlife Rambler

My wife and I started traveling together at the same time we started out in careers. Somehow we’ve managed to keep doing both. How lucky is that? I usually do tons of research beforehand, but some of our greatest experiences come from letting the day take shape organically. I love to read, write, learn, devour podcasts, try my best to pronounce new words, walk until I can barely stand, and to snack my way through a city. Traveling has enriched my life in so many ways, and helped me to see the world with more understanding, empathy, and humor. Pus I’ve picked up a lot of useful information about the places we’ve visited that I love to share to help others create their next ramble-icious world travel experience.



Otis joined our team in August 2005, when he was purchased in the gift shop at the Berlin Zoo. Since then, he has been to more than 25 countries and posed in front of hundreds of famous and not-so-famous sights. He prefers traveling along in a backpack, so as not to inadvertently get left behind in a hotel room. You should always travel with a good luck charm. Otis is ours. He’s also surprisingly adept at world travel planning.